3rd Lublin International Medical Congress for Students and..



Please visit our new website: http://www.limc.umlub.pl/

  1. When the conference will take place?

2ndLIMC will take place from 11 to 12 December 2015 (Friday-Saturday).


  1. What is the main topic?

The leading theme of our conference is surgery with all its variety of subspecialties and a lot of unresolved issues. However sessions that will be held during the conference include the broadest possible group of all fields of medicine.


  1. Which sessions will be held?

The Session which we are going to organize within 2nd LIMC are:

1. Basic Sciences and Experimental Medicine

2. General Surgery

3. Public Health

4. Human Science in Medicine

5. Cardio-, Thoracic- and Vascular Surgery

6. Head and Neck Diseases, Dentistry

7. Doctoral students` session

8. Internal Medicine

9. Neurology and Neurosurgery

10. Paediatrics and Neonatology

11. Orthopaedics, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

12. Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine

13. Radiology with Nuclear Medicine

14. Pharmacy

15. Case Report

16. Oncology and Hematology

    17. Poster Session


  1. When can I register? How?

Registration will open on 1st September 2015. The corresponding registration form will appear on our website in due course.

  1. When is the deadline for sending in an abstract?

October 31st is the last day, when you can register and provide abstracts. Please send abstracts in an attachment as the corresponding form to the following address: stn@umlub.pl typing in the title name of the first author and title of work.


  1. What are the guidelines for writting an abstract?

An abstract should consist of 5 parts:



„Material and methods”,

„Results” and



Except for Case Report session – an abstract should consist of 3 parts:


„Case report” and


The body of an abstract should not exceed the 350 words (without the title, authors, headlines).


  1. What is the conference fee?

The conference fee for Active Participants is 100zł, and for Passive Participants – 80zł. The fee gives you ability to take part in lectures and workshops and also covers: catering, Social Programme (among others party in the club and banquet), welcomebags and certificates of attendance.


  1. How can I pay the conference fee? When do I pay the conference fee?

After your abstract has been accepted, you will receive an email with details of payment. The deadline to pay the conference fee: 20th November 2015 – 27th November 2015.


  1. Will I be given an invoice?

Yes, every participant who express such a need, receives an invoice.


  1.  How much time do I have for my presentation and what time is designed for discussion?

Original Papers: The presentation should last no longer than 7 minutes. There is 2 minutes designed for discussion.


Case Report: The presentation should last no longer than 5 minutes. There is 2 minutes designed for discussion.

Poster: The presentation should last no longer than 3 minutes. There is 2 minutes designed for discussion.


  1.  Can co-authors present my work?



  1. Do You need an invitation letter?

        Please, contact us on e-mail: stn@umlub.pl.


  1.  What is the language of the conference?

The language of presentation is English. The discussion can be performed both in Polish and English according to the will of the participant.


  1.  How many abstracts can I submit?

Each participant may submit as many works as he wants, but will be able to present only those that receive a positive jury`s opinion.


  1.  Will everyone present at the conference will receive a certificate of participation?

Yes, active participants will receive a separate certificate for each of the papers, also for poster session. Passive participants will receive a certificate of participation in the conference. You will be given certificates after each presentation delivered.


  1.  What is the photo contest organized during the conference?

We encourage you all to take part in a photo competition entitled "The different faces surgery". Photos in uncompressed JPG or TIF format with a minimum resolution of 1200x1600 pixels, please send to stn@umlub.pl to 31st October 2015, writing in the title: Name_Surname_Photo_Contest. The fee for participation in the competition is a symbolic 10 zł, all of which will be used to purchase teddy bears for children who are treated in University Children's Hospital in Lublin. All submitted works will be presented in the gallery of photographs at the conference, and the three best identified by the jury, will be awarded.




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